All Strength and Solidarity for #Chavez!

The Bolivarian leader passes today on to «complex complementary treatments» in Havana, which will be gradually closing the cycle of his illness, said executive vice president Nicolás Maduro.

CARACAS. – President Hugo Chavez is today going through a cycle of «complex complementary treatments» in Havana, which should be gradually closing the cycle of his illness, said the executive vice president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, from the city of Barquisimeto.

In a live broadcast on the public VTV, he informed the local and foreign public about the stage that the Head of State is passing onto today, after surgery last December in Havana.

The Commander is continuing with his «battling spirit. We believe this will be closing the course of treatment of his illness,» he said.

Maduro said that the majority of Venezuelans continue transmitting to the President all the strength and solidarity possible. -as has happened since Chavez announced in early December that he would undergo a new complex medical treatment.

The Executive Vice President reiterated on behalf of the Venezuelan people the gratitude to the medical team caring for the statesman in Cuba: their full and total dedication.

In the capital of the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), Maduro, and part of the cabinet, opened the first Pdval -Farmapatria complex in this location.

It is an initiative, implemented in mid-2012, to address the speculative manipulations, and the draconian prices charged by some pharmaceutical networks for profit at the expense of the health of the Venezuelan people, spurred on by -almost always- the stupidest advertising campaigns (yes, but of excellent visual quality!)

Maduro claimed that the Bolivarian revolution is going through a new episode of economic warfare with the transnational and local bourgeois powers, now using the President’s illness as a pivot.

Destabilization plans against the Bolivarian Republic, said Maduro, include attacks on the currency, on supplies and on prices. However, he clarified, the Revolution has the political and economic power to meet them.

«We are fighting a war.» Their purpose, he explained, is to hinder the transition to socialism, create instability.

They (the far Right) have a choice: either the rule of law and democracy, or get out of it (the law). In that case, warned the Executive Vice President, the Law will go for them. «We will go for them with everything.» It will be «with tranquillity, serenity and convictions», but without a tremor, he added.

President Chavez has trained us for this battle, Maduro warned. (Whoever doubts that, let them try! ‘If I were on the opposite side, I would not!)

Translated by ESTI

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